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EzyCount money counting devices provide a great value solution for counting and sorting coins and notes. Ezycount money counter are design for Candian notes and coins.

Ezycount Coin counter and sorter (Coin Counting Machine) are designed to help quickly and precisely count and  sort your coins. We provide lowest price and standard 12 months warranty. Order your coin counter today!

Ezycount note counter (Note Counting Machine) are designed to help quickly and accurately with everyday work in at the cash desk. Counting money by yourself can take a long time, not to mention the high possibility of counting errors. One of the most important advantages of using a progressive solution such as the money counter (Money Counting Machine) is to reduce the upkeep of your business and protect against counterfeit losses.


12 Months Return to Base warranty apply to all products
$33 Delivered Canadian wide

Ezycount CC100 - Coin Sorter / Counter 



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  • Counts & Sorts 220 coins/min
  • Hopper capacity 300-600 coins 
  • Add and batch counting
  • Quantity & Value Report
  • Ezycount CC500 - HighSpeed Coin Counter 





  • Counts 2300 coins/min
  • Hopper capacity 3000 coins 
  • Add and batch counting
  • Eject foreign coins
  • Ezycount NC200 - Note Counter 



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  • Counts 1000 notes/minute
  • Add and batch function 
  • Counting error detection
  • For Australian plastic notes
  • Ezycount NC501 - Value Note Counter 



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  • Value, Auto, Manual Counting
  • UV counterfeit detection
  • Easy loading cash
  • 3 counting speed
  • Ezycount NC602 - Mixed Note Counter 



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  • Automatic Value Counting
  • Mixed denomination counting 
  • Add and batch function
  • UV & MG counterfeit detection
  • Ezycount MS201 - Note & Coin Counter



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  • Quite, Fast, Accurate
  • Add Function
  • Bags or loose counting
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Notes and Coins